-->  Vol. 1 Number 1 (April 2006)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki


A Priority Updating Communications Model for Betworked Virtual Environments,

Yang-Wai Chow, Ronald Pose and Matthew Regan


Extended Tree-Pattern Clustering Techniques for Massive XML Storages,

Weiyi Ho and Li Bai


A Modeling Framework for Complex Behavior Modeling and Integration,

Jean-Marc Perronne, Alban Rasse, Laurent Thiry and Bernard Thirion


Migratable Web Services: Increasing Performance and Privacy in Service Oriented Architectures,

Beda Christoph Hammerschmidt andVolker Linnemann


AI Game Playing Approach for Fast Processor Allocation in Hypercube Systems using Veitch Diagram,

Srinivasan T, Srikanth PJS, Praveen K and Harish Subramaniam L


Assessing the Engability of Online Courses: a Case Study,

John Knight and Muzeyyen Pandir


Service Based XML Query Execution Enhancer,

Weiyi Ho and Li Bai


On the Restoration of Semantic Features in Raster Topographic Images,

Eugene Ageenko and Alexey Podlasov


AlgAE: Rapid Animation of C++/Java Code,

Steven J. Zeil