-->  Vol. 1 Number 2 (October 2006)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki


The Distributed Location Resolution Problem And Its Efficient Solution,

Jöerg Roth 


Toward Efficient Detection of Child Pornography in the Network Infrastructure,

Asaf Shupo, Miguel Vargas Martin, Luis Rueda, Anasuya Bulkan, Yongming Chen and Patrick C.K. Hung


A Simple and Efficient Algorithm for the Maximum Clique Finding Reusing A Heuristic Vertex Colouring,

Deniss Kumlander


A Technical Model for Improving Customer Loyalty With M-Commerce: Mobile Service Providers,

Neda Abdolvand, Nasrollah Moghadam Charkari and Reza Mohammadi


Persian/Arabic Captcha,

Mohammad Hassan Shirali-Shahreza and Mohammad Shirali-Shahreza


Free Distribution Parallel Sparse Solvers. Application to Lambda Modes Equation,

Omar Flores Sánchez and Vicente E. Vidal Gimeno


Evolutionary Algorithms for Finding Interpretable Patterns In Gene Expression Data,

Carlos Cano, Armando Blanco, Fernando García and Francisco J. López 


A Synthesis Approach for Deriving Reference Models For SOA Frameworks,

Balbir Barn, Hilary Dexter, Samia Oussena, Jim Petch


Data Cleaning Using FD From Data Mining Process,

Kollayut Kaewbuadee, Yaowadee Temtanapat  and Ratchata Peachavanish



Folksonomies versus Automatic Keyword Extraction: An Empirical Study,

Hend S. Al-Khalifa and Hugh C. Davis


Middleware for Distributed Applications in Decentralized Wireless Networks,

Wolfgang Golubski 



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