-->  Vol. 5 Number 1  (2010)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki 



Medical Image Noise Reduction and Region Contrast Enhancement Using Partial Differential Equations,


Miguel Alemán-Flores, Luis Álvarez-León, Patricia Alemán-Flores, Rafael Fuentes-Pavón and
 José M. Santana-Montesdeoca   


A Java Bread-Board Simulator: Digital Circuit Simulation with an Open-Source Toolset,



Chris Bailey and Michael J Freeman   


Location-Aware Access Control: An Overview,


Michael Decker  


 Automatic Summarization of News Using Wordnet Concept Graphs,

Laura Plaza, Alberto Día and  Pablo Gervás   


Building a Collaboratory in an Engineering R&D Organization,


Zita P. Correia, Catarina Egreja, Maria Joaquina Barrulas, Rui Gil, Diogo R. Ferreira and
 Luís Arriaga da Cunha


S-CD: Surface Collision Detection Toolkit for Virtual Prototyping,


Mauro Figueiredo   


Distributed Pattern Recognition for AIR Quality Analysis in Sensor Network System,


Yajie Ma, Yike Guo and Moustafa Ghanem  


Continuous-Time Hidden Markov Models for the Copy Number Analysis of Genotyping Arrays,

Matthew Kowgier and  Rafal Kustra