-->  Vol. 4 Number 3 (Autumn 2009)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki 



On Citation-behavior-guided Search-Phrase Suggesters for Online Digital Libraries,


 Sulieman Bani-Ahmad   


The Use of ERP-Based Exercises in Management Curricula,



Jamshed Mistry, Diane Strong and Sharon Johnson   


Towards Bridging the Gap Between Intuitive and Formal Representations of Systems Life Cycle Processes,


Eric Simon and Kilian Stoffel  


 Alternative Neighborhood Configurations in an ABMS Model to Estimate the Adoption of Telecenters in Brazil,

Ismael M. A. Ávila, Luiz Acácio G. Rolim and Giovanni M. Holanda   


Conception of Multi Agent System Integrating Naturalistic Decision ROLES: Application to Maritime Traffic,


Thierry Le Pors, Thomas Devogele and Christine Chauvin    


Using “Social Actions” and RL-Algorithms To Build Policies in Dec-POMDP,


 Thomas Vincent and Akplogan Mahuna    


VoroDSPT: A Voronoi Based Overlay for Spatial Objects,


Dominic Heutelbeck, Christina Sergel and Matthias Hemmje  


Studies on the Computational Scale of a Distributed RCA Algorithm,

Xiaoguang Ma, Ming Yu and Bing W. Kwan