-->  Vol. 7 Number 1  (2012)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki  



Process Information Transfer and Analysis In Hospitals Using Hospital Information Systems, Communication Standards and Process Models




Eva Gattnar, Okan Ekinci, Vesselin Detschew and Reinhard Eck 


Point-Based Similarity Estimation Between 2.5D Visual Hulls and 3D Objects


Konstantinos Moustakas, Georgios Stavropoulos and Dimitrios Tzovaras  


3D Reconstruction of Small Solar System Bodies Using Photoclinometry by Deformation


Claire Capanna, Laurent Jorda, Philippe Lamy and Gilles Gesquiere 


 Multi-Modal Medical Image Registration Using Normalized Compression Distance

Pere-Pau Vázquez and Jordi Marco  

Adaptive Motion Synthesis by Qualitative Approach


Fangde Liu, Xiaosong Yang and Jianjun Zhang 


Evaluating CPU and Memory Affinity for Numerical Scientific Multithreaded Benchmarks on Multi-Cores


Christiane P. Ribeiro, Márcio Castro, Vania Marangozova-Martin,
Jean-François Méhaut, Henrique C. Freitas and Carlos A. P. S. Martins 



Modelling Selection Tasks and Assessing Performance in Web Interaction


Maxim Bakaev, Tatiana Avdeenko and Hong-In Cheng  


Selecting Architectural Patterns Through a Knowledge-Based Approach


Liziane Santos Soares, Roberto Tom Price, Marcelo Soares Pimenta and

José Luis Braga 


Closing the Safety Loop in Therapy Management Through ICT: Mobile&Wireless Scenarios for Bedside Support


Paolo Locatelli, Nicola Restifo, Roberta Facchini, Michele Torresani and

Elena Sini