-->  Vol. 5 Number 2  (2010)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki 



Psychological considerations in Social Engineering – The ψ-wall as defense,


 Evangelos D. Frangopoulos, Mariki M. Eloff and Lucas M. Venter    


Sense-Making and Argumentation-Based Knowledge: The Lost On the Moon Experiment,



Teppo Räisänen and Harri Oinas-Kukkonen   


Trust-Based Hotspot Selection,


Xavier Titi, Tewfiq El Maliki and Jean-Marc Seigneur  


 Towards Operational Excellence Driven Implementation of the Application Management Function In The Banking And Insurance Sector,

Wil Janssen, Johan Versendaal and Bas van Gils   


A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach for Evaluating Efficiency of the Extreme Programming System Development Methodology,


G.P. De Jager, H.M. Huisman and H.A. Kruger    


Agents That Learn What Argument to Select In Argumentation-Based Negotiations,


Ariel Monteserin and Analía Amandi    


Effective Multi-Connection Video Streaming Over WiMAX,


Salah Saleh Al-Majeed and Martin Fleury  


A New Density-Based Clustering Approach in Graph Theoretic Context,

Tülin İnkaya, Sinan Kayalıgil and Nur Evin Özdemirel