Vol.7 Issue 1 (2009)



A Communication-Based Approach for Detecting Influential Blog Entries

Akihiro Miyata, Harumi Kawashima and Hidenori Okuda


Inferring Trust Based on Highly Trusted Users in a Recommender System

Yussuf Abu-Shaaban


Improving Quality of Web Services by Using Replication

Dirk Thißen and Thomas Brambring


Studying the Functions of Sharable Digital Memories

Catalin Barbu, Alexander Kröner, Michael Schneider and
Oliver Jacobs


Combinig Text Mining and Data Mining For Gaining Valuable Knowledge from Online Reviews

Carolin Kaiser 


The Prediction of Web User Tasks by Analyzing Client Logs

Anne Gutschmidt


Videogame Playing, Cell Phone Use and Academic Performance: Some Good News

Linda A. Jackson, Alexander von Eye, Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Edward A. Witt and Yong Zhao


Bridging the National Divide: Using E-Learning in Citizenship Education in Israel

Yaacov B Yablon and Yaacov J Katz


Bringing the Elderly into the Mainstream of E-Society: The Vital Project

Ingo Zinnikus, Klaus Fischer, Jan Alexandersson and Unai Diaz


A Model of Diffusion Parameter Characterizing Social Networks

Khaled Mahdi, Maytham Safar and Sadegh Torabi


Mapping E-Government Stakeholder Requirements to Public Administration Operational Needs

Ioannis Savvas, Elias Pimenidis and Alexander B. Sideridis 


Mobile Location-Based Learning Reminders Using GSM Cell Identification

Björn Hedin  and Johanna Norén


The MoLeNet Programme - Using Action Research to Encourage Teacher Understanding, Improve Practice and Effect Institutional Change

Carol Savill-Smith and Rebecca Douch