Vol.5 Issue 1 (2007)



A Framework for Context Modeling in Adaptive Web Applications

Michael Hinz, Stefan Pietschmann, Zoltán Fiala


Assessment and Analysis of Robustness for a Web-Based System

Tor Stĺlhane, Hue T. Pham, Ilaria Canova Calori


Source Identification and Query Rewriting In Open Xml Data Integration Systems

Francois Boisson, Michel Scholl, Imen Sebei, Dan Vodislav


Clustering Web Pages Sequences with Artificial Ants

Nicolas Labroche


A Comparative Analysis of Online And Traditional Undergraduate Business Law Classes: 2004-2007

Daniel J. Shelley, Louis B. Swartz. Michele T. Cole 


Proposal and Evaluation of a Technique of Discovering XML Structures for Efficient Retrieval

Hiroshi Ishikawa, Hajime Takekawa, Kaoru Katayama


e-Retailing Management: Analysing the Spanish e-Consumers Behaviour

Eduard Cristóbal Fransi, Frederic Marimon Viadiu


An Empirical Study of the Key Drivers and Inhibitors Towards e-Business Adoption: A Multi-Country Comparison

Kay Hooi (Alan) Keoy, Khalid Hafeez, Jawed Siddiqi


Non Commercial B2C Virtual Communities: Definition and Classification an Exploratory Qualitative Study

Imčne Ben Yahia


Personalization Matured Rediscovering the Essence of One-to-One Marketing

Christian Persson, Erik Wallin, Bo Lennstrand 


Measuring e-Commerce Satisfaction: A Model of Reward Error for Internet Surveys

Roland Sparks, Nick Desai, Perumal Thirumurthy, Cindy Kistenberg