Vol.11 Issue 3 (2013)




Pedro Isaías


Teachers Little Helper: Multi-Math-Coach  
Martin Ebner, Martin Schön, Behnam Taraghi and Michael Steyrer 


A Social Personalized Adaptive e-Learning Environment: A Case Study in Topolor  
Lei Shi, Alexandra I. Cristea, Jonathan G. K. Foss, Dana Al Qudah and Alaa Qaffas 


How China Regulates Online Content: A Policy Evolution Framework
Xiaoyu Li and Alice Robbin  


Evolutions in the Human Technology Relationship: Rejection, Acceptance and Technosymbiosis
Sonia Adelé and Eric Brangier 


Investigating the Role of Flow Experiences in Users’ Reuse Intentions Toward Recommendation Agents: The Moderator of Product Knowledge

Li-Ting Huang 


Website for Online Selling Implementation Among SMES In Malaysia

Noor Azuan Hashim, Nor Liza Abdullah and Zafir Mohd Makhbul 

What do we Know About Business Models in Software Companies? - A Systematic Mapping Study
Erno Vanhala and Kari Smolander  

Acceptance and Usability of Technology-supported Interventions for Motivating Patients with COPD to be Physically Active
Monique Tabak, Hermie Hermens, Tatjana Burkow, Raluca Marin Perianu, Ileana Ciobanu and Mihai Berteanu 

Multiple Pulse Wave Measurement Toward Estimating Condition of Human Arteries

Shusaku Nomura, Yasushi Hanasaka and Hiroshi Ogawa 


Remote Care for Elderly People Suffering From Dementia: A Novel Information System Design

Tomi Sarni