Vol.10 Issue 2 (2012)


Impact of Website Properties in E-Commerce Consumer Trust Related Perceptions
Ana A. Andrade, Augusto Q. Novais and Vitor V. Lopes

Secure Data Communication Over Mobile Devices in Healthcare Networks
Ashish Sachdeva and Waqar Haque


Development Application for Environmental T-Health Digital TV
Flávia Pessoa Monteiro, Arthur Trindade Gusmão, Felipe Freitas Soares, Carlos Natalino da Silva, Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo and Carlos Renato Lisboa Francês

Providing Patients Online Access to Their Live Test Results: an Evaluation of Usage and Usefulness
Felix Mukoro, Grace Sweeney and Beverley Matthews

“Hub” or “Bridge”? The Effects of Social Network Centralities on Expertise Discovery, Information Retrieval And Allocation, and Use of Digital Knowledge Repositories

Chunke Su

Controlling Privacy in location-based Services
Margaret Tan, Chew Sok Huang, Lai Pei Huang and Tin Htut Soe


A Location-Independent Remote Health Monitoring System Utilising Enterprise Service Bus
Yohanes Baptista Dafferianto Trinugroho, Kamyar Rasta, Trinh Hoang Nguyen, Martin Gerdes, Rune Fensli
and Frank Reichert


Web-Based Information Exploration of Sensor Web Using The Html5/X3D Integration Model
Byounghyun Yoo


Comparing the Performance of Java, Erlang and Scala in Web 2.0 Applications
Jucimar Maia da Silva Jr., Rafael Dueire Lins and Lanier Menezes dos Santos

Large-Scale Tests of Distributed Systems With Integrated Emulation of Advanced Network Behavior
Robert Lübke, Robin Lungwitz, Daniel Schuster and Alexander Schill