Vol.10 Issue 1 (2012)


Are you a gamer? A Qualitative Study on the Parameters for Categorizing Casual and Hardcore Gamers
Yorick Poels, Jan Henk Annema, Mathijs Verstraete, Bieke Zaman and Dirk De Grooff

Analyzing Sentiment of Social Media Content for Business Informatics
Kristin Glass and Richard Colbaugh


Relationship Quality on Consumer Virtual Goods Repurchase Intention in Social Networking Sites
Echo Huang

Examining the Contents of Privacy Policies on the Local Government Websites: The Case of Australia
Qiuyan Fan

Electronic Interaction in Health Services and Organizational Change – Lessons From the Norwegian County of Sogn & Fjordane
Øyvind Heimset Larsen and Ingjerd Skogseid

Developing Templated Clinical Notes for Cancer Survivorship Care
David Wiljer, Aleksandra Chafranskaia, Menaka Pulandiran, Scott Secord, Sara Urowitz and David Willson


Supporting Diagnostic Decision for Early Detection of a Neurodegenerative Disease on a Behavioural Altered Pattern Basis
Alberto Martínez, Igone Etxeberria, Erkuden Aldaz, Lukas Roedl, Andreas Hochgatterer, Bernhard Wöckl
and Jürgen Bund


Insights into Usage of Multimedia Streaming Services
Amela Karahasanović, Marika Lüders, Elena Terradillos, María Alejandro, Juan Rodríguez, José Manuel Núñez and David Flórez Rodríguez