-->  Vol. 8 Number 2  (2013)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki  



Human Detection by Using Centrist Features for Thermal Images  




Irfan Riaz, Jingchun Piao and Hyunchul Shin  


Stable Incremental Layouts for Dynamic Graph Visualizations


Martin Steiger, Thorsten May and Jörn Kohlhammer   


UCIV 4 Planning: A User-Centered Approach for the Design of Interactive Visualizations to Support Urban and Regional Planning


Diana Fernández Prieto, Dirk Zeckzer and José Tiberio Hernández    


 Occlusion Handling for Pedestrian Tracking Using Partial Object Template-Based Component Particle Filter

Daw-Tung Lin and Yen-Hsiang Chang     


Towards the Use of Factor Analysis for User-Centric Evaluative Research in Information System


Bernard Ijesunor Akhigbe, Olubukola Daniel Adekola, Babajide Samuel Afolabi and Emmanuel Rotimi Adagunodo 


VLSI platform for Real-World Intelligent Integrated Systems based on Algorithm Selection



Martin Lukac, Michitaka Kameyama and Yoshichika Fujioka   



The Impact of Irrationality on Negotiation Strategies with Incomplete Information


Amine Chohra, Arash Bahrammirzaee and Kurosh Madani  


Emotive Ontology: Extracting Fine-Grained Emotions from Terse, Informal Messages


Martin D. Sykora, Thomas W. Jackson, Ann O’Brien and Suzanne




Effect of Some Power Spectral Density Estimation Methods on Automatic Sleep Stage Scoring Using Artificial Neural Networks


Cuneyt Yucelbas, Seral Ozsen, Salih Gunes and Sebnem




Intelligent System of Communication Security Investigation


Henryk Piech   


Personalized Summarization of Customer Reviews Based on User’s Browsing History


Zehra Kavasoğlu and Şule Gündüz Öğüdücü