-->  Vol. 8 Number 1  (2013)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki  



Constraint Specifications Using Patterns in OCL




Ali Hamie  


A Multi-driven Approach to Requirements Analysis of Data Warehouse Model: A Case Study


Jorge Oliveira e Sá, Claus Kaldeich and João Álvaro Carvalho   


Robust Ear Detection for Biometric Verification


José F. Vélez, Ángel Sánchez, Belén Moreno and Shamik Sural    


 Understanding of E-Commerce is Through Feature Models and Their Metrics to Support Re-Modularization


Kęstutis Valinčius, Vytautas Štuikys and Robertas Damaševičius    

Chief Information Officers’ Perceptions of IT Project success Factors in Saudi Arabian Public Organizations: An Exploratory Study


Abdulaziz I. AlMajed and Pam Mayhew 


Visualization of Geo-Referenced Entity: An Aspect-Oriented Pattern



Armanda Rodrigues, Sara Silva and João Araújo   



Finite Satisfiability Verification in UML Class Diagrams – A Comparative Study


Paulo Bastos and Pedro Ramos  


An Analysis of Interest Area Similarities by Utilizing the Loan Records of Library


Toshiro Minami  


An Awareness System of Risk Control Action by Constrained Clustering on Project Reports


Masaki Samejima and Yuuki Imanara  


User Participation Practice: To overcome the Objective-subjective Dichotomy


Benny M.E. De Waal