-->  Vol. 7 Number 2  (2012)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki  



Video Action Recognition Based on Hidden Markov Model Combined with Particle Swarm




Haiyi Zhang 


Empirical Evaluation of CRF-Based Bibliography Extraction from Research Papers


Manabu Ohta, Ryohei Inoue and Atsuhiro Takasu    


The Influence of Service Providers on the Transparency Between Citizens and Governments in the Internet Era


Tommaso Federici and Alessio Maria Braccini    


 Relationship Strength Estimation in Social Media using Folksonomy


Hidekazu Yanagimoto and Michifumi Yoshioka    

Effective Skills Transfer Through a Learning Management System: a Case of ELECKOM Corporate Services

Ray M Kekwaletswe and Gaoussou Doukoure Abdel Kader 


Semantic Business Process Pattern to Web Service Mapping: an Experimental Framework



Laden Aldin and Auhood Alfaries   



A Managerial Incentive for Workplace Electronic Surveillance


Viraj Samaranayake and Chandana Gamage  


IT Adoption in the Public Healthcare Sector: an Institutional Research Agenda


Regina Connolly, Claire Gauzente and Regis Dumoulin 


Context Detection in Ontology


Achraf Mtibaa, Maha Maalej and Faïez Gargouri 


Evaluation of “Safety-Domino”: a Graphical Metaphor for Supporting Minimal Cut Set Analysis


Yasmin I. Al-Zokari, Dirk Zeckzer, Peter Dannenmann, Liliana Guzman and


Hans Hagen   


Swimming Animats with Musculoskeltal Structure


Masashi Furukawa, Michiko Watanabe, Akihiro Fukumoto, Ikuo Suzuki and


Masahito Yamamoto   


Interactive Video and Camera Position for Virtual Environment


David Běhal and Jana Dadová  


Rendering of Water Splash

Yoshiki Mizukami., Makoto Gomy, Kyohei Takada and Katsumi Tadamura