-->  Vol. 6 Number 3  (2011)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki  



Strategic Information Systems Planning and Environmental Uncertainty: An Empirical Assessment



Ray M Kekwaletswe and Luka M Musangu 


Soldier System Assessment under Uncertainty with Evidential Reasoning


Yixing Shan, Lili Yang and Roy Kalawsky 


Coins: A Modelling Approach for Recording & Replaying Complex Information


Erqiang Zhou, Bing Wu, Yi Ding and Jianfeng Wu 


 Towards Flexible Conversation Protocol Generation and Verification: A Social Commitment Approach

Martin T. Press and Roberto A. Flores 

Evaluation of Aircraft Evacuation Strategies Using a Virtual Simulation


Hidetoshi Nakayasu, Tetsuya Miyoshi and Patrick Patterson 


Robot Motion Imitation Based on Bayes Networks and Learning


Andrés Gómez and Fernando De la Rosa