-->  Vol. 4 Number 2 (Spring 2009)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki 



ConsolidatinG Fragmented Identity: Attributes Aggregation to Secure Information Systems,


 Ghazi Ben Ayed   


Technology-Related Privacy Concerns: A Review,


Cliona McParland and Regina Connolly   


Fast Flash Memory Caching Based on File Access Frequency


ChenHan Liao, Frank Wang, Na Helian, Sining Wu and YuHui Deng  


 Adaptive Storage Model for XML in Object-Relational Databases,

Michael Kamel, Khaled Nagi and Nagwa El-Makky   


Security Mechanisms of A Legal Peer-To-Peer File Sharing System,


Sebastian Schinzel, Martin Schmucker and Peter Ebinger    


A Novel Semantic Approach to Document Collections ,


 Andrea Addis, Manuela Angioni, Giuliano Armano, Roberto Demontis, Franco Tuveri and Eloisa Vargiu    


Dynamic Simulation of Inextensible Cloth,


Jan Bender, Daniel Bayer and Raphael Diziol  


A Method for Automatically Creating 3D Animated Scenes from Annotated Fiction Text,

Kevin Glass and Shaun Bangay  

Synchronising Video Session Recordings and Textual Transcriptions from The Andalusian Parliament,

Luis M. de Campos, Juan M. Fernández-Luna, Juan F. Huete and
Carlos J. Martín-Dancausa

Business and Information Systems Misalignment: Diagnosis, Therapy and Prophylaxis techniques based on Syndromes,

Gonçalo Carvalho and Pedro Sousa   

“Soft” Skills for Young is Professionals: A View from the Field,

José Carlos Nascimento, Pedro Pimenta, Sanaz Schroeder, Ellen Sjoer,
Eamonn McQuade and Peter Fabian