-->  Vol. 4 Number 1 (February 2009)

Guest Editorial

Mohammad Essaaidi and Mohammed El Mohaji



Logic-Based Information Modelling Rules for Supporting Interoperability in Pervasive Services Management Systems,

 J. Martín Serrano and Joan Serrat    


Acceleration of the Gradient-type Methods in Blind Source Separation,

David Blanco, Diego P. Ruiz, María C. Carrion and Carlos García-Puntonet  


Encryption-Compression Method of Images,


Benabdellah Mohammed, Gharbi Mourad, Zahid Nourddine, Regragui Fakhita and Bouyakhf El Houssine   


 A New Learning Algorithm for the Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory: Multispectral Classification of the Algiers’s Bay,

Farid Alilat, Saliha Loumi and Boualem Sansal    


Sensitivity and Specificity of Inferring Genetic Regulatory Interactions with the VBEM Algorithm,


Isabel M. Tienda-Luna, Maria C. Carrion Perez, Diego P. Ruiz Padillo, Yufang Yin and Yufei Huang     


A Geo-Spatial Decision-Support System for Regional Air Quality Management,

 Mohammed El Mohajir and Youness Oubenaalla    


Assessing the Quality of Fuzzy Partitions in Overlapping Data Sets Using Maximum Entropy Principle,

O. Ammor, A. Lachkar, K. Slaoui and N. Rais    


MAGRID: The Moroccan Grid Computing Initiative,

Chaker El Amrani, Othmane Bouhali and Redouane Merrouch     


Efficient Electronic Device Modeling and Design Using Advanced CAD Tools,

Said Gaoua, Farah A. Mohammadi and Mustapha C.E. Yagoub