-->  Vol. 2 Number 1 (April 2007)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki


Heterogeneous Certificate Authority for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks (WMANETs),

Iman Almomani  and Hussein Zedan


Sumgraph: Text Summarization Using Centrality in the Pathfinder Network,

Kaustubh Patil and Pavel Brazdil


Query Processing and Access Path Selection in the Relational Main Memory Database Using a Functional Memory System,

Jun Miyazaki


Design of Links in Hyper Videos,

Hilko Donker and Daniel Kloppich


Pygpu: A High-Level Language for High-Speed Image Processing,

Calle Lejdfors and Lennart Ohlsson


Enhancing Agile Requirements Elicitation with Personas,

Sarah Powell, Frank Keenan and Kevin McDaid


A Platform for Region Space Analysis in Binary Partition Trees,

Huihai Lu, John C. Woods, and Mohammed Ghanbari