-->  Vol. 12 Number 1  (2017)

  Guest Editorial

Shadi Aljawarneh



A new paradigm for information systems projects management based on a knowledge management approach  


Ali Ahmad Alawneh and Rashad Aouf 


A text similarity measure for document classification


Gali Suresh Reddy and T. V. Rajinikanth 


A feature clustering based dimensionality reduction for intrusion detection (fcbdr)


Gunupudi Rajesh Kumar, N. Mangathayaru and Gugulothu Narsimha 


  Design and analysis of similarity measure for discovering similarity profiled temporal association patterns

Vangipuram Radhakrishna, P. V. Kumar and V. Janaki   


A class based clustering approach for imputation and mining of medical records (cbc-im)


Yelipe UshaRani, Anurag Yepuri and Porika Sammulal 


Privacy and data security in internet of things


Arun Nagaraja and N. Rajasekhar  


  A soft similarity measure for k-means based high dimensional document clustering


T. V. Rajinikanth and G. Suresh Reddy  


  Energy consumption in wireless sensor network : simulation and compartative study of flat and hierarchical routing protocols


Hassan Oudani, Salah-Ddine Krit, Lahoucine El Maimouni and Jalal Laassiri  


  A dissimilarity measure for mining similar temporal association patterns


Vangipuram Radhakrishna, P. V. Kumar, V. Janaki and Aravind Cheruvu  


  An adaptive differential evolution algorithm for solving second-order dirichlet problems


Hasan Rashaideh