-->  Vol. 11 Number 2  (2016)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki



Development of general-purpose projection-based Augmented Reality Systems  


Marc Sunet, Marc Comino, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Antoni Chica and Pere-Pau Vázquez 


Modelling the temporal evolution of the retweet graph


Giambattista Amati, Simone Angelini, Francesca Capri, Giorgio Gambosi, Gianluca Rossi and Paola Vocca 


Establishing spaces of interplay: the role of discourse in the growth of information infrastructures


Egil Øvrelid, Bendik Bygstad and Ole Hanseth 


  Design and evaluation of a flexible web-based screening service for clinimetrics

Jan-Willem van ’t Klooster and Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten   


Web self-service and Technology Acceptance: a case study


André S.G. van Friderici, Pascal Ravesteijn and Benny M.E. De Waal 


Supporting new interactions with past experiences anchored in materials


Suhas Govind Joshi and Heidi Bråthen  


Persuasive e-coaching framework: test with a reduced number of sensor


Pierre Barralon and Iñigo Dorronsoro Esnal  


Repmoves: Stories that a rhythmic interaction device for seniors can tell


Rune B. Rosseland and Alma L. Culén  


Automatic endodoscopic image orientation stabilisation with ultra-low-latency


Wiebe Van Ranst, Toon Goedemé and Joost Vennekens  


The role of design models in design thinking


Hilda Tellioglu  


Smooth visualization of large point clouds


Jörg Futterlieb, Christian Teutsch and Dirk Berndt