-->  Vol. 11 Number 1  (2016)


Pedro Isaías and Marcin Paprzycki



Aiding genetic analysts: Design of a literature evaluation system  


Jorun Børsting, Alma L. Culén and Morten C. Eike


C-Warehousing: A HL7 CDA-based approach for the secondary use of clinical data

Fabrizio Pecoraro, Daniela Luzi and Fabrizio L. Ricci


Secure Health Statistical Analysis Methods


Saeed Samet, Ahoora Sadeghi Boroujerdi and Shabnam Asghari 


  Between immersion and emersion: orientating digital games towards virtual and physical spaces

Samuel Gallastegui   


Usage analysis in sap erp-systems for measurement of business maturity – exemplified in purchasing


Andreas Hufgard and Johannes Schulz 


User feedback session with clicked and unclicked documents for related search recommendation


Sejal Desai, Vinuth Chandrasheker, Vijay Mathapati, Venugopal K Rajuk, Sundaraja S Iyengar and Lalit M Patnaik  

Learning spam features using restricted boltzmann machines


Luis Alexandre da Silva, Kelton Augusto Pontara da Costa, Patricia Bellin Ribeiro, Gustavo Henrique de Rosa and João Paulo Papa  

On learning assistance systems for numerical simulation


Irina Bernst, Christof Kaufmann and Jörg Frochte