IADIS International Conference Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2013 (part of the MCCSIS 2013 Conference)


The 7th edition of the Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2013 (CGV) International Conference was hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, during 22 to 24 July, 2013 and was co-organised by The University of Economics in Prague (VŠE), Czech Republic. This conference was part of the IADIS Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 2013, 22 - 26 July.

This CGV Conference aims to address the research issues in the closely related areas of Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing. The conference encourages the interdisciplinary research and applications of these areas.

cgv2013aSubmissions were accepted under the following 6 main topics:
- Computer Graphics
- Visualization
- Computer Vision
- Image Processing
- Other Related Topics

The CGV 2013 Conference had 92 submissions from more than 19 countries. Each submission has been anonymously reviewed by an average of five independent reviewers, to guarantee the final high standard of the accepted submissions. Consequently only 15 full papers were published. The overall acceptance rate corresponds to 16%. A few more papers were accepted as short papers, reflection paper and posters.

The Conference Program featured an opening and closing sessions, 6 parallel paper sessions, 1 Keynote Presentation and a Poster Session.

The keynote presentation was given by Professor Helwig Hauser, University of Bergen, Norway.

Extended versions of the best papers were selected to be published as extended versions in the the IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems (ISSN: 1646-3692) and/or in the IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet (ISSN: 1645-7641) and also in other selected journals, including journals from Inderscience. Some of the best papers will be eligible to be extended and enhanced as book chapters for inclusion in a book to be published by IGI Global.


Keynote Presentation



by Professor Helwig Hauser
University of Bergen, Norway



In our emerging information age it becomes increasingly important that we can exploit the wealth of available data for the sake of learning, decision making, as well as for other tasks.

A promising approach – not at the least targeted by the new concept of visual analytics in visualization research – is to cleverly integrate the strengths of computers (fast computation, efficient handling of large datasets, comparably low costs, etc.) with the strengths of the users (outstanding perceptual and cognitive capabilities, domain knowledge, etc.).

In this talk, we look at one possible solution, originating in visualization research within computer science, i.e., the concept of interactive visual analysis, and describe it as an iterative process, enabling the integration of computational and interactive means for data exploration and analysis.

Thinking of interactive visual analysis as an iterative process enables that each step is performed on the basis of a toolbox with computational and interactive visual solutions. In order to substantiate the conceptual aspects of this solution, we also look at several examples that document the successful application of interactive visual analysis.

The Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2013 was published in Book (ISBN: 978-972-8939-89-2).


Program Committee Members:
Adrian Jarabo, University Of Zaragoza,, Spain
Aiert Amundarain, Ceit, Spain
Alberto Raposo, Puc-rio, Brazil
Alessandro Artusi, University of Girona, Spain
Alessandro Rizzi, Università Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy
Alexander Pasko, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Anderson Maciel, UFRGS, Brazil
Andre Hinkenjann, Bonn-rhein-sieg University Of Applied Sciences, Germany
Andreas Gerndt, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Andreas Kerren, Linnaeus University, Sweden
Angelica De Antonio, Universidad Politecnica De Madrid, Spain
Antonio Diaz Estrella, Malaga University, Spain
Arcadio Reyes Lecuona, Universidad De Málaga, Spain
Arturo S. Garcia, University of Castilla-la Mancha, Spain
Beatriz Rey, Universidad Politecnica De Valencia, Spain
Belen Masia, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
Brian dAuriol, Kyung Hee University, Korea, Republic Of
Bruce Campbell, Rhode Island School Of Design, USA
C. C. Lu, Kent State University, Usa
Carina Gonzalez, University Of La Laguna, Spain
Carla Binucci, Università Degli Studi Di Perugia, Italy
Carlo Nati, Working Group for development of Scientific and Te, Italy
Carlos Buchart, CEIT, Spain
Carlos Gonzalez-morcillo, University Of Castilla-la Mancha, Spain
Cesar Alberto Collazos, Universidad Del Cauca, Colombia
Chang Ha Lee, Chung-ang University, Korea, Republic Of
Charalampos Georgiadis, The Aristotle University, Greece
Chih-Cheng Hung, Southern Polytechnic State University,, USA
Christos Gatzidis, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Christos Grecos, University Of The West Of Scotland, United Kingdom
Creto Vidal, Federal University Of Ceará, Brazil
Cristian Bonanomi, Universita' Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy
Dalton Lin, National Taipei University, Taiwan
Daniel Steffen, German Research Center For Artificial Intelligence, Germany
Daniel Thalmann, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Dariusz Frejlichowski, West Pomeranian University Of Technology, Poland
Davide Gadia, Università Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy
De-Yuan Huang, National Central University, Taiwan
Dongrong Xu, Columbia University, Usa
Elisabeta Marai, University Of Pittsburgh, Usa
Fadi Dornaika, Upv-ehu, Spain
Faisal Qureshi, University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology, Canada
Fatima Nunes, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Fernando Lopez, Polytechnic University Of Valencia, Spain
Flavio Prieto, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Fotis Liarokapis, Coventry University, United Kingdom
Francisco Gonzalez Garcia, University Of Girona, Spain
Francisco Luis Gutierrez, University Of Granada, Spain
Franck Vidal, Bangor University, United Kingdom
Frank Michel, German Research Center For Artificial Intelligence, Germany
Galina Pasko, Uformia, Norway
Georgios Sakas, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Gilles Gesquiere, Liris, France
Giovanni Farinella, University of Catania, Italy
Giovanni Gallo, Università Di Catania,, Italy
Giovanni Puglisi, University Of Catania , Italy
Giuseppe Liotta, University Of Perugia, Italy
Giuseppe Patanè, CNR-IMATI, Italy
Gustavo Patow, Universitat De Girona, Spain
Hans-Jörg Schulz, University Of Rostock, Germany
Harald Obermaier, University Of California, United States
Helmuth Trefftz, Eafit University, Colombia
Henning Barthel, Fraunhofer Institute For Experimental Software Eng, Germany
Hongchuan Yu, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Hugo Alvarez, Ceit, Spain
Igor Sevastianov, Nvidia Corp, USA
Ingemar Ragnemalm, Linköping University, Sweden
Isaac Rudomin, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Barcelona
Jairo Sanchez, Vicomtech-ik4, Spain
Jian Chang, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Jian Zhang, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Jinyuan Jia, Tongji University, China
José Izkara, TECNALIA, Spain
Jose Ignacio Echevarria, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
José Pascual Molina Massó, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha, Spain
Jose Remo Ferreira Brega, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil
Josip Almasi, Vrspace, Croatia
Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros, University Of Puebla, Mexico
Jyoti Singhai, Maulana Azad National Institute Of Technology Bhop, India
Karolj Skala, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia
Krzysztof Okarma, West Pomeranian University Of Technology, Poland
Krzysztof Walczak, Poznan University of Economics, Poland
Kurt Debattista, The University Of Warwick, United Kingdom
Kyoungsu Oh, Soongsil University, Korea, Republic Of
Laura Monroe, Los Alamos National Lab, Usa
Laura Papaleo, Province of Genova (Government Administration), Italy
Leandro Fernandes, Federal Fluminense University, Brazil
Lihua You, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Linda Giannini, Teacher, eTwinning Ambassador , Italy
Luca Grilli, Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia, Italy
Luciano Soares, Pontifical Catholic University Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Luis Unzueta, Vicomtech-ik4, Spain
M. Emre Celebi, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA
Marc Daniel, Ecole Superieure D ingenieurs De Luminy, France
Marcelo Guimaraes, UNIFESP / FACCAMP, Brazil
Marcos Nieto, Vicomtech-ik4, Spain
Mario Hlawitschka, University Of Leipzig, Germany
Marla Schweppe, Rochester Institute Of Technology, USA
Marta Fairen, Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya, Spain
Matteo Cantamesse, Catholic University Of Milan, Italy
Mauricio Hess-Flores, University of California, Davis, USA
Miguel Angel, I3BH/Labhuman, Spain
Mubbasir Kapadia, University Of Pennsylvania, USA
Mu-Chun Su, National Central University, Taiwan
Nadia Ambrosetti, Universita Degli Studi Di Milano, Italy
Natalia Padilla, Etsi Informática Y Telecomunicaciones, Spain
Nathan Carr, Adobe Systems Inc., USA
Paolo Pingi, CNR - ISTI, Italy
Pascual González López, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Patricia Crossno, Sandia National Laboratories, Usa
Pawel Forczmanski, West Pomeranian University Of Technology, Poland
Pedro Cano, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Pere-Pau Vázquez, Upc, Spain
Peter Dannenmann, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Petros Faloutsos, York University, Canada
Pierre-frederic Villard, University Of Lorraine, France
Quan Wen, University Of Electronic Science And Technology Of, China
Radoslaw Mantiuk, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczec, Poland
Rafael Torchelsen, Federal University Of Southern Frontier, Brazil
Rene Rosenbaum, University Of Rostock, Germany
Robert Laramee, Swansea University, United Kingdom
Robert Sitnik, Warsaw University Of Technology, Poland
Robin Wolff, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Roman Durikovic, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia
Sabine Coquillart, Inria, France
Sae Hwang, University Of Illinois At Springfield, Usa
Sandra Morales, Polytechnic University Of Valencia, Spain
Sara De Freitas, Serious Games Institute, United Kingdom
Shaun Bangay, Deakin University, Australia
Silvester Czanner, Manchester MEtropolitan University, United Kingdom
Stanislav Klimenko, Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology, Russia
Stefano Valtolina, University Of Milan, Italy
Stella Sylaiou, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece
Stratos Stylianidis, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki,, Greece
Theresa-marie Rhyne, Computer Graphics Consultant, USA
Thomas Wischgoll, Wright State University, USA
Valery Adzhiev, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Victor Debelov, Institute Of Computational Mathematics And Mathema, Russia
Wichian Sittiprapaporn, Mahasarakham University, Thailand
Wojciech Wiza, Poznan University Of Economics, Poland
Xenophon Zabulis, Forth, Greece
Xiaogang Jin, Zhejiang University, China
Xiaosong Yang, Bournemouth University, United Kingdom
Xiaoyue Jiang, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Xuejun Hao, Columbia University, Usa
Zhong-hui Duan, University Of Akron, Usa
Zongyi Liu, Amazon.com, Usa
Zoran Ivanovski, Faculty Of Electrical Engineering and Information , Macedonia


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